I was invited to create a workshop for the staff at the Wellcome Collection based on my experience of accessing the archives as someone with dyslexia. The workshop was held in The Wellcome Collection and invited the staff to 'read' the space through a dyslexic lens. Each animation depicts a task that invited participants to employ an aspect of dyslexic reasoning.
The framework of the workshop was influenced by the book The Dyslexic Advantage. Not only has this book been important to my own understanding of dyslexia over the years, it outlines four fundamental skills dyslexic people are better at than those who are neurotypical. It uses the acronym MIND, which stands for Material, Interconnected, Narrative and Dynamic reasoning. This felt like a good framework for the workshop because it celebrated what dyslexic people do well but also would make participants reflect on how academic spaces can be excluding to people with dyslexia.
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